Mobile Covid-19 Testing for Individuals, Groups, & Corporations

We offer COVID-19 tests in homes, offices, and on-site business locations

Traveling? We offer Rapid PCR Covid-19 Testing

We’re CLIA Certified for COVID-19 Testing

PCR Swab Covid Testing


PCR Swab

The rapid PCR Covid-19 test combines the highest accuracy of PCR – with results available in 2 hours. Perfect for traveling.

Rapid Antigen Test Covid Test


Rapid Antigen Test

A lower nasal swab test that detects active COVID-19 infection. This point of care test results almost instantaneously, offering results in just 10 to 15 minutes.

Get tested in your home, office, hotel or location of your choosing and help stop the spread of COVID-19​

Corporate & Groups COVD-19 Testing

If your family or your office has been exposed to the coronavirus, everyone should get tested. NC Mobile Wellness can come to your house, office or event for group or corporate testing. We offer special group testing rates, so call or text us at 919.922.8311 to learn more.

COVID-19 Testing for Businesses

The safety of your employees comes first and here at NC Mobile Wellness, PLLC we understand how important that is to you. This is why we offer mobile Covid-19 testing. It does not matter if it is a big or small office we have you cover.

Sometimes cleaning, disinfecting and wearing a mask does not work and someone gets the virus. If someone in your office gets the Covid-19 virus, then it’s important to test every employee for exposure.

Filming a movie or having a social event? We have you covered. NC Mobile Wellness can have one of our trained nurses come to your station or work and perform testing on site. Our goal is for you to be as healthy as possible.

How Rapid COVID-19 Testing Works

We offer two different types of diagnostic test here at NC Mobile Wellness. These test are able to detect the presence of the SARS-COV-2. Our FDA approved/waived  antigen test can detect specific proteins from the virus, while our PCR Swab tests for the virus’s genetic material. The rapid PCR test is great for traveling.

How it works:

  • Book your appointment
  • One of our Nurses will come to you
  • Get your results official letter emailed to you.
  • It’s just that easy

The test involves inserting a short nasal swab into your lower nostril. Results can then be processed in just 30-60 minutes.

What Does a Negative or Positive Covid-19 Test Means?

  • A negative test result means that no nucleocapsid protein antigens was detected, and you do not have the active COVID-19 virus.
  • A positive result means that you likely have an active infection and should immediately quarantine. If showing signs and symptoms, call your medical provider.

Who Should Be Tested for COVID-19?

  • If you have symptoms of COVID-19, including fever, cough and shortness of breath.
  • If you’ve had close contact with someone who have tested Positive for the virus
  • If your healthcare is exposed to COVID-19 Positive patients.
  • If you’re traveling to and from places that have high rate of COVID-19 infections or traveling out of the country
  • If you’re traveling to a destination that requires a COVID-19 test result.

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